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BlAcKfIr3's Ringtones

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  • !!!!ATTENTION!!!!

As you all know, this is a non-profit website...all the tones are free and will remain free. NONE of the tones on this site may be used for commercial purposes, meaning everybody may download, use, share, or post the tones on their website AS LONG AS no transfer of money is involved. Stealing of tones from this site and then selling it for profit is absolutely unacceptable, which is the case for a publisher of a book entitled: 3000+ TRIED AND TESTED <NOKIA> RINGTONES in composer and keypress formats. I ask everybody not to support this book. Thanks.

  • Updated on 05.05.2002 by BlAcKfIr3

I have updated the site again...I've added 148 tones today. Click here to get a view of the new tones. Continue to visit the message board for your requests and more new tones.

  • Updated on 04.17.2002 by BlAcKfIr3

Ey! Sorry for the long lay off, I had a lot of things to do...but it's all good now and I've uploaded almost all of the ringtones I have got and the ones that all of you guys posted in the message board. I still have a few with me but I'm still not done with 'em. I wasn't able to make a list of the new tones but just 'coz it's too darn many so just browse along the categories and download whatever you like.

  • Updated on 02.06.2002 by BlAcKfIr3

Hey Ice Knight, could you upload the flash intro again, I forgot to save the code for it when I updated. Thanks!

  • Updated on 02.06.2002 by BlAcKfIr3

I finally finished uploading all the tones, well, at least all the cool ones, I've got about a hundred more that I haven't finished converting, but most of them are really really old. I've finally got back my original website, but there's nothing there yet. I'm goin' to try and build me another site and upload more tones soon, ofcourse.

  • Updated on 01.08.2002 by BlAcKfIr3

Uploaded some of the tones. Access the tones here --> BlAcKfIr301082002

  • Updated on 11.24.2001 by BlAcKfIr3

Finally, after a long month of not being able to access tripod, I was able to upload the tones today. The first batch of tones which is located at ---> BlAcKfIr311242001 is composed of 201 tones and the second batch is composed of 126 tones and is located here --> BlAcKfIr311252001. Continue to check out the Message Board for more information and to post up your requests. See Ya!

  • Updated on 10.21.2001 by BlAcKfIr3

I've uploaded another batch of ringtones, it has a total of 101 tones and you can access it through here ---> BlAcKfIr310212001. Continue to check out the Message Board for more information and to post up your requests. See Ya!

  • Updated on 10.18.2001 by BlAcKfIr3

I just uploaded the rest of the tones that I have, and until |ceKn|ght has the chance to sort it to the categories, you can check it out here ---> BlAcKfIr310112001. I can now start composing for new tones and requests are very much welcomed. Post your requests on the Message Board.

  • Updated on 09.27.2001 by |ce Kn|ght

Well, Blackfir3's got over 500 new tones to update (plus 300 more to be posted) we got around a total of 4,500 ringtones!!!!! (tama ba yung bilang ko??) Gudlak na lang sakin sa pag-categorize and sort... hehehe... anyways, howd u guys like flash intro??? feedback naman jan...

Oh, and by the way, if you can't wait for the new ringtones to be sorted out, heres the update link: BLACKFIR3

  • Updated on 09.20.2001 by |ce Kn|ght

I did a major site redesign... nakakabad trip kasi yung first two sites... expect some new stuff soon... when I have free time... pasukan na naman kasi eh... ang bilis ng break... kakainis. anyway, by next week, I'll be uplaoding all the new tones that blackfir3 has composed... all your feedback are welcome. please go to our yahoo clubs at:

  • Updated on 09.16.2001 by |ce Kn|ght

Sorry on the slow updates...Blackfire and I have been busy these past few days so we haven't had time to fix the codes on this site that I did that came up wrong on the other site. =)

  • Updated on 09.01.2001 by |ce Kn|ght

As you all know, Blackf|r3's original website was hacked by a no-good asshole forcing us, ringtone freaks to rely on somewhat not so great websites that offer few, if not outdated ringtones.

Since Blackf|r3 doesn't have the time to make another site as humongous as the last (I heard he is graduating na this semester), I volunteered to do the job. Good thing I saved his whole collection of ringtones in my computer so I can upload it again. The only thing missing is the main page and also the whole THEMES section (bummer!) that's why you are seeing this crummy page as the main. This is just the first upload of the site and as I learn HTML and Flash, expect some cool additions and renovations to this site. Right now, what matters most is that we get our ringtones, right? RIGHT. =)

I sorta stumbled upon his site a few months back and  found it really cool. I hate seeing a good site like that go to waste. And since I have a lot of spare time these days, coupled with the fact that I need to have some experience in putting up a webbie, I decided to put this up. He still owns this site, I just sorta like manage it for him. I'm not gonna take any credits for anything in this webbie cause every ringtone you find in here is his. (Minus the copyright thingies below. hehehe)

If you have any comments or suggestions or whatever, you know where Blackfir3's Yahoo groups is. If not, then you must be one hell of a net addict to find this site. We still haven't advertised this in any other site or search engines. Hehehe. (Its at:


Here are some cool links that features quality ringtones, which you might see in this site, best of all...all the ringtones are FREEEEEEE:

Anime Ringing Tones
Great place to get anime ringing tones. Updated monthly. Five new tones per month. Plus more stuff about anime.

Arcade Tones
Crazy over video games? Then go crazy over your favorite video game's ringtone. Updated often.

Baduy Ringtones
A great pinoy site with great tones submitted by great people. Isn't that great?

This is a pinoy site too. Lotsa stuff about lotsa...err...stuff...including cellphones and ringtones.

Another cool pinoy site. The ringtones are updated daily, yes...I said daily, actually, 6 days a week. You'll find the latest OPM and foreign songs that hit the charts.

Gerald's Ringtone Page
And yet another pinoy site that boasts self-composed tones. Often updated too.

A nice site with updated tones. Nice name too, phone-ring-song...and when you say it really sounds like Japanese.

Wow, another pinoy site, chinoy (Filipino-Chinese), I think, what is it with pinoys and ringtones? Cool place to get anime stuffs, specially ringtones.

The Ringtone Factory
This site updates often too. And the tones are fairly up-to-date. Great place to find foreign tones like Malaysia or something.

Disclaimer: If you see any tones in the site and your link isn't mentioned above, please email me and I'll be glad to put your link up there.
Do you own or know any more FREE ringtones sites that wasn't mentioned above? E-mail me and place a link to your site above!



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